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Much of my work centres around motherhood and the close bond between my two sons.  I aim to capture treasured memories of time spent together, playfulness and friendship.  The memories that I choose to remember are those that are deeply special to me and ones that I like to return to. Sewing helps me to capture these memories. Cementing the times and places of tender interactions. 


My work is minimalist in style. Capturing the exact moment in time to be treasured and cherished. Stitch is used to create the outline of figures or places. I strip away any noise to ensure the focus is purely on the time, place or person. Whilst colour does not feature heavily it is perhaps one of the most important elements within my artwork. I use colour to bring the memory to life again. A certain colour or item of clothing can evoke memories of the past. Taking you back to that exact moment. The yellow wellies that my child never took off even when out in the glorious sunshine. The red hot air balloon that landed in the field in front of our house. I can still feel the weight of my sons body leaning on me as we stood and watched it.


Exploring a variety of stitch techniques on a scroll format. Creating narratives through the juxtaposition of image, technique and subtlety of colour


First days of school captured in stitch. 

A series that began when my youngest first started school. Every year a new picture is created showing how my children have grown and changed over the year. 


A selection of artwork exploring a variety of different processes and ideas. 

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